Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beginning of Fashion Week: IFB Conference at Milk Studios

Fashion Week started on February 8th for me.  I attended the IFB Conference and met a bunch of stunting bloggers.  

Here are two young bloggers.  I absolutely loved their style....especially the black lipstick and mix of patterns on the left from Bobbie Austin's Closet.

I had the opportunity to meet Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Although she seemed cool as a cucumber during the panel discussion on "Your blog, your dream, or just beginning?", she actually mentioned to me that she was quite nervous.  She was very down to earth and her tie-dyed dress was amazing.  Now, you may be wondering why on earth I'm carrying around a skateboard.  I won it by signing up for the app Made Fashion.  It's only the 4th out of 200 being made by Proenza Schouler.  Should I mount it on the wall or on top of some fabulous heels?  This board will not be hitting the streets of Manhattan. 

I  met a very young blogger, Odelia Kaly from You're a Tulle...love the name of her blog.  I had to post her sparkly DIY shoes.  There was a ton of gold at Fashion Week, so she was right on target with these platform dazzlers.

J Brand was a sponsor for IFB.  I was actually chosen to be in the top 9 bloggers entered into a contest for best coordinated outfit using their clothing!  

J Brand for IFB...I love this pink top.  I adore button up tops right now.

Ahhh!  Karen from Wheredidugetthat!  She's gorgeous and very approachable.  

Here is La Carmina who spoke on the first panel for "What are bloggers worth?" posing with her youtube collaborator.  

Lastly, I met Joshua Kissi & Travis Gumbs from StreetEtiquette.com.  They are only 22 and already their style is amazing.  All men need a pair of shoes like theirs.  Plus, the jean vest is amazing.

Lastly, I had my picture taken by Design Within Reach.  More on fashion week to come!  Bare with me as I upload asap.....this has been a packed week.  Whew!  Is it September yet?


  1. Love the new site design! Cute bowtie/peach stem and the new logo! Congrats on the skateboard and your continued success.

  2. Love the outfit you wore to the conference, especially the shoes and the skirt!

  3. Great post, looks like a great time!


  4. SO jealous of the fun you are having!!! :-)

  5. Thanks Vany212....thanks for the <3! Had some help with a Who-man. ;)

  6. Mer...thanks darling. The skirts actually partially leather!

  7. elvi - you have to come next year...xoxo

  8. thanks for checking out my blog. your's is great. j brand's are my favorite brand for jeans.

  9. Really do like the look of mixing prints that do not exactly match. These are all such attractive bloggers. The pink blouse is yum. I love blouses loose but not shapeless like this that drape well.

  10. nice meeting you!
    again love your necklace
    thanks for the feature :)
    I hope to see you again soon!

  11. Love it! Hey- I spy me on the 2nd picture next to Bobbie Austin! :) I had so much fun meeting you there! Sorry it took so long to find this post... oops!


  12. great pictures
    I like the skateboard